Emily, it sounds like you equate posting out with spontaneity, freedom, 
passion, creativity, not being stodgy, throwing caution to the wind,  and 
giving others the opportunity to miss one. Whew! I haven't realized what I've 
been deprived of by not posting out. And depriving others as well! Of course 
for Judy this time, it was simply that she miscalculated her post amount. Go 

BTW, I've only been on FFL 14 months, not year after year!

As for blessing, FFL posters bless me way more than I could ever repay. They 
make me laugh and keep me informed about current events. They tell me about 
cool high tech stuff and share beautiful music. They post great photos from all 
over the world and give me great info about ayurveda and jyotish. They alert me 
to TV and movies and books and food I might enjoy. They got me interested again 
in politics. They write wonderfully. They make me think. They push my buttons. 
They make me laugh.
As some here say, deep bow (-:

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Awww...Barry....thanks for doing this...I mean...how *meaningful* is this?!  
I'm not sure what posting on FFL has to do with "enlightenment," but feel free 
to describe it for me/us.  I can tell you miss those who post out when they/we 
do, what with all the focus and attention you bring to this topic again and 
again and again.  Control is overrated in my opinion - take Share who thinks in 
terms of 7 a day - how important is it that she make sure the forum is blessed 
with her presence, and that you make sure of the same, every day all year long, 
year after year.  I say, old chap, show us some passion, throw caution to the 
wind every once in awhile, show us a little spontaneity, post out just once - 
for the freedom, Barry (and Share), the freedom.  Don't be stodgy; get creative 
and run with it.  I will miss you and your predictability terribly; I will miss 
Share's insights on just about everything.  Come on, now, I dare you.  Share, 
see how far you
 can get past 50 (maybe even to 70 if you're fast) before Alex shuts you down.  
Give FFL an opportunity to miss you.  :) :)

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