Leisure is the key
by the Master –, through Benjamin Creme

Among the many problems with which humanity is faced none looms larger
in men's minds than that of unemployment. In the developing world,
millions have never known regular work while even the industrialized
nations see, each year, the workless total inexorably mount. "Man
must work or starve," says the age-old adage. Yet need this
necessarily be so?
Without doubt, the main reason for increasing unemployment is the
discovery and application of the new technology. More and more, the
robot is replacing man in the more complex manufacturing processes. No
man can compare, in speed of operation and repetitive accuracy, with the
sophisticated machines now in use. This is as it should be. Many may
lament the loss of human skills earned through long apprenticeship and
training, but man is born for higher and more worthy efforts. Why should
men compete with mere machines?
Man is an evolving god and foolish would it be to place a limitation on
his creative possibilities. Naught there is which, with time, he may not
do. Why, then, lament the passing of a stage in man's long journey
to perfection which allows him at last the leisure to expand and grow?
Man stands now on the threshold of a new perception of himself, his
purpose and the world in which he lives. This new awareness will evoke
undreamt-of skills and talents which yet await expression, and allow men
to enter the abode of gods.
When man sees himself truly as he is naught will prevent the
manifestation of his divine powers. On all sides this glory will be
seen, lighting a path to the farthest stars. Until that blessed time man
must learn and train himself in leisure. Without leisure man has little
chance to grow. Leisure must be seen as the prerequisite for that
creative thought and action which will transform all life for men.
In an age of competition the old adage holds. Work alone confers the
right to eat. But man is ready to experience a new relationship; a new
and caring co-operation beckons him to be his brother's keeper and
to safeguard the right of all to the necessities of life.
More and more, machines will free men to be themselves. Leisure will
ensure that each man can reach his full potential, reflective of his
stage upon the journey to perfection, adding his gifts for the
enrichment of the Whole.
Thus will men see a flowering such as none today can imagine but which
one day will show men to each other as the gods they are.
Leisure is the key, and to ensure leisure men must share. Millions
starve and countless more grind out their lives in hopeless poverty
today. No longer must this sickness be accepted as the norm. No longer
can the tensions thus engendered be supported by mankind. Entering a New
Age where machines will cater for the needs of all, men must share as
brothers and walk together towards the dawn. (A Master Speaks)


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