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> The local online rag has an article posted about the police surveillance 
> cameras around the town.  All 12 of them (yup way, way behind what Salvy 
> probably has in his burg).  Anyway they had posted a picture of the 
> command center with it's several monitors.  I clicked on the picture 
> then zoomed in to see what cameras we showing in one of the monitors.  
> Then I noticed that another monitor which controls the system had a 
> something posted on a strip of paper on the top:  the username and 
> password and clearly visible in the picture. :-D


But, on the topic of public surveillance, I'm always puzzled by detractors who 
claim it violates privacy. It seems to me that, by definition, when one is out 
in public, one would have no reasonable expectation of privacy. What bothers me 
is the monitoring of stuff where there *is* a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Tom Tomorrow: The NSA Comes Clean


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