On 08/06/2013 03:22 PM, RoryGoff wrote:
> Many thanks to both of you Barrys! And I have yet to sample either "The 
> Killing" or "Continuum" -- something to look forward to, when I catch up on 
> all the rest! Sorry to hear about your troubles with "Orange is the New 
> Black" -- I marathoned that one in a couple of days; luckily we have very 
> good fiberoptic service out here in the boonies :-)

In the SF Bay Area the choice is pretty much Comcast or AT&T. Any third 
party ISP often rides on the back of AT&T anyway.  If I lived in the 
"boonies" of Petaluma then Sonic.net offers 1 gigabit fiber much like 
Fairfield has.  However it is not always the ISP but the politics and 
corporate wars of  the infrastructure:

It pisses me off enough to wish that the large telecoms would either be 
broken up or nationalized.  They aren't serving us just themselves 
(which is the problem with a lot of corporate America).

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>> On 08/06/2013 12:24 PM, RoryGoff wrote:
>>> Sorry to hear that about Mad Men; I have been enjoying it hugely thus 
>>> far... I LOVE how beautifully it illuminates the dysfunctional 60's -- all 
>>> this time I thought it was only my Dad who pulled that kind of stuff! :-) A 
>>> very healing show for me.
>> My brother was from that era and I've been amused with the show and how
>> true to the period it is.  This last season started showing how some
>> corporations that were actually family owned and run businesses started
>> becoming publicly held ones.  And of course this last season the agency
>> was considering going public which is a game changer and was actually
>> discussed on one of the ad agency blogs.
>> FYI, the 3rd season of "The Killing" finished Sunday and it will be
>> available on Netflix streaming shortly because Netflix partially
>> financed the third season.
>> The second season of "Continuum" has been very good and this last
>> episode very revealing.  It too may show up after completion on Netflix
>> as did the first season.
>>> As to Copper, yeah, I confess to being a total sucker for 
>>> relatively-well-done historical pieces. The Borgia shows (both versions) 
>>> were a lot of fun, too. My all-time favorite TV show is still probably 
>>> Deadwood.
>> The first season of Copper seemed to be more relevant historically but I
>> lost interest in the second season.  Ripper Street had more fun with
>> it's historical perspective mainly because it takes in a period a great
>> change.  Broadchurch is another BBC drama which debuts tomorrow night on
>> BBC American though the first episode is free without commercials from
>> their website:
>> http://www.bbcamerica.com/broadchurch/videos/s1-premiere-episode/
>> Turq is a fan of  Stephen King and this years Kingfest is "The Dome" on
>> CBS.  It's been a good show so far.  Folks in Los Angeles and other
>> cities with Time Warner Cable are a little miffed with the spat between
>> CBS and TWC as CBS and Showtime are now missing from the lineup.  No
>> "Dexter" or "The Dome" for them.  And I have been enjoying Showtime's
>> "Ray Donovan" too which got better after the pilot episode.  Paula
>> Malcomson, who played Trixie in Deadwood, plays the wife of Ray Donovan
>> who is played by Liev Schreiber.  The cast also include Jon Voigt,
>> Elliot Gould and James Woods.
>> Netflix streaming is a bit iffy around here lately.  I have 12 mbps
>> broadband but last night trying to finish an episode of "Orange is the
>> New Black" I got about 10 minutes in and then it would start rebuffering
>> and give me an SD version for about 30 seconds then back to HD.  It did
>> that  several times more but towards the end I had to give up because it
>> would rebuffer every 30 seconds only give a low quality SD stream.
>> Apparently the problem is that many of the telecoms are dragging their
>> feet with upgrades to a kinda service link so more customers can have
>> high bandwidth service.  But we paid for our Netflix and we paid for our
>> broadband and we want it.  If this doesn't get resolved we want Congress
>> to look into it.  Some of this problem will go away come September when
>> kids are back in school and going to Friday night football etc instead
>> of staying home and watching Netflix.
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>>>> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "RoryGoff" <rorygoff@> wrote:
>>>>> Hey, Barry! Rena and I watch only Netflix now, no TV,
>>>>> so we are a year or more behind on all shows. True
>>>>> Blood and Dexter are among our favorites; I am also
>>>>> quite fond of Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and Copper.
>>>> I skipped "Mad Men" this season, because I just
>>>> couldn't work up any honest *caring* about any
>>>> of the characters. But I'm glad you mentioned
>>>> "Copper," because I forgot that one. I watched
>>>> the first three episodes of the second season,
>>>> but then forgot to download the rest. I'll
>>>> rectify that situation.
>>>>> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, turquoiseb <no_reply@> wrote:
>>>>>> One of the things that has suffered because of this Paris
>>>>>> gig has been my ability to keep up with TV series I once
>>>>>> watched near-religiously. I purposefully haven't even
>>>>>> bothered to start watching "Continuum" or the US versions
>>>>>> of "The Killing" (season 3) or "The Bridge," because I
>>>>>> knew I wouldn't have time for them.
>>>>>> I did watch season three of the excellent UK series "Luther,"
>>>>>> and found it as good as the previous two. In my household,
>>>>>> a mighty cheer went up when one favorite character from the
>>>>>> previous two seasons reappeared. :-)
>>>>>> I've been watching "True Blood," first curious what it would
>>>>>> be like without Alan Ball at the helm, and think it's been
>>>>>> pretty good, on the whole. More interesting in many ways
>>>>>> that last season.
>>>>>> I'm watching "Dexter," of course, and enjoying it, and wonder-
>>>>>> ing how they're going to fit The End Of Dexter into the few
>>>>>> remaining episodes.
>>>>>> I just saw the first episode so far of the new season of "The
>>>>>> Newsroom," and liked it. I'm a sucker for fast dialogue.
>>>>>> Like everyone else, I am waiting with 'bated breath for the
>>>>>> last 8 episodes of "Breaking Bad."
>>>>>> And that's about it. Anyone seen anything worth reporting on?

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