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> Thank you! I woke up in a very good mood, which is quite the contrast with 
> waking up on my 50th and bursting into tears, or last year being in a 
> depressive funk. My 52nd has me up bright and early and full of delicious 
> drip-brewed organic espresso roast coffee with Radiance Dairy cream. And, if 
> all goes well, the sea scallop dish I'm making will be the ultimate permanent 
> external fulfillment that finally puts an end to all craving and seeking. 
> This time, it's gonna work! I just know it!

Ha! Glad to hear you awoke in a very good mood, Alex! And that your day is 
going so well. And yes, I am having NO doubt whatsoever that the sea-scallop 
dish will permanently be sending you over the top. How could it not be doing 
so? It is being a very salty aphrodisiac, like Lassi. But to make sure it 
works, I would recommend tying the scallops to a string, attaching the string 
to a ten-foot pole, and walking around with them dangling in front of you for 
the rest of your life. Then, you can always be seeing and appreciating your 
most glorious future, here and now.

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