> > Uh, oh - now I've pushed Rory's smut defense 
> > button. They don't call this forum the 'Funny 
> > Farm' for nothing, Rory! Why do you think Alex
> > called you on it? Go figure.
> >
> Wow. Maybe you're right, Richard. I am so sorry 
> for offending your delicate eyes.
Well, I'm with Buck on this one - it is kinda sad to
see the forum go down to such a low vibe. Not to
mention the lies that get told every day. I suspect
the reason the others stopped posting here is because
there is not to much to read anymore - I know you can 
do better than this - I've read your book and even
tried to promote it here. What happened?
> Alex, do please let me know if I have transgressed, 
> and I will gladly make amends.
If you are 57, Rory, why not learn to read? 

8) Posting of "adult" material, either text or photos, 
or links to such materials, is prohibited. Violation 
of this guideline may result in expulsion from the 
group. - FairfieldLife Guidelines

> > "Oh, I know you did, Alex; I was just having fun, 
> > too...And of course, I meant "cum" in every sense,
> > particularly the Tantric One.
> >

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