Hi Jim: This was a sweet post.  This came on the radio and I thought of you.
Tamikrest - Aratane N'Adagh  


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Thank you, this past week:

Ann, for often saying what is on my mind, and because I always run out of posts 
before I can express my general enthusiasm. MGC rocks! 

Seventh Ray, for tackling the issue of how to post images to Yahoo – FB account 
for Bowser coming up!
And for the completely kick-ass pictures of you and The Stooges, and the 
others, though I haven't looked at them all, yet.

Emily, for musical inspiration, wry humor, and that German woman, with Mittens.

Barry, for the contrast. With you around, everything else seems so much 
brighter. It is, simply, "Tantriffic".

Ravi, for your spiritual tagging, and charioteer drive-bys, from the City of 

Judy, because I know you're out there!

Rory, for a jolt, bolt, and molt, and handfuls of wildflower seeds. Great to 
see you again.

Buck, for having a good heart, and probably getting bucked off one too many 

Alex, for the wit of Oscar *Meyer*, and now being the same age as George 
Clooney, Sean Penn, and Ru Paul.

Nabby, Peace in all things, worldly and Divine, except maybe Windows 8.

RD, for always nailing that jelly to a tree; pinky-swear with Temple Dog.

MJ, for writing some fucking great stories, about Brother, and the others.

Richard, because every forum needs someone like you, a left turn, off of a left 
turn, off a dirt road. With a keyboard.

Edg, for creatively grinding his teeth for years. And that gizmo you were 
riding for awhile--

Obba, WTF?? but in a good way...

Card, for always reminding me of a larger world, and your Sanskrit musings.

M Dixon, for the occasional Molotov Cocktail, lit and rolled, never thrown.

Rick, The Dan Rather of spiritual broadcasting – "What's The Frequency, 

Merudanda, for your stream of consciousness pictures, and a playful heart.

Share, for your recent post about overwhelming Ananda. A stomp in the right 

Bhairitu, to paraphrase, "I'd never join a conspiracy that would have me as one 
of its members."
Your feedback on my music has been invaluable.

John, The Bay Area Rocks, ya?!

Feste37, like a dry gin (Bombay Sapphire) martini, straight up.

Xeno, for never turning down the air conditioning - Brrrrrrr. 

Susan, for being translucent.

Seraphita, kicking ass and taking names, in the nicest possible way.

Srijau, for Srijau.


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