You are right he did not use enlightened persons as propaganda in his schemes, 
because no he never encountered a TM enlightened person. He just used shuck and 
jive, shell game, distract the mark techniques to run regular propaganda on his 
marks, to make money and be the Big Cheese.

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> > 
> > Oh'yes, and it's quite cosy in here too :-)
> > 
> > Robin was one of thousands of CP's at the time, he wasn't
> > as important to Maharishi as you seem to think.
> I don't think you're in a position to know that, actually.

I obviously don't have the whole picture and nor have you.

> Seems to me that if Robin had in fact achieved Unity
> consciousness, he would have been a *very* big deal to
> Maharishi, exactly because he was the only one of those
> thousands of CPs who had "made it," ostensibly proving
> that TM was what Maharishi said it was.

If you believe only 1 person received enlightenment on those courses please 
think again. You know very little of how Maharishi was thinking if you believe 
he would use an enlightened person in some sort of propaganda for his 

> After Robin had gone home, Maharishi kept very close
> tabs on him, even sending aides to Vancouver to check
> out what he was doing. Robin never heard a
> discouraging word from him.
> Maharishi never gave Robin any reason to believe
> Maharishi didn't endorse his enlightenment, or what he
> was doing with it, not until the court case in 1983,
> which put Maharishi between a rock and a hard place.
> Had Maharishi agreed that Robin was in Unity at that
> point, the complications would have been enormous.
> > Why should the quote have anything to do with Robin ?
> Why indeed?
> > He said it many many times, before and after 1983, but if
> > you think he didn't have anything better to do than to
> > repeat himself to every course every time you are mistaken.
> > It's one of those things one should be alert to, if you
> > were not, well then you simply wasn't alert or didn't pay
> > attention, or worse; didn't want to pay attention because
> > it suited your ego better to blabla about "divine matters"
> > to make you feel important.
> If Robin's Unity consciousness was one of those "divine
> matters," why did Maharishi have him tell the CPs all
> about it? 

Because he trusted the information to stay there. 

Why didn't Maharishi tell him he shouldn't be
> teaching on the basis of being enlightened when Robin
> got home? 

If it's important to you, why don't you ask Maharishi yourself ?

Robin would have done whatever Maharishi told
> him to do. He was totally sold out to Maharishi as his
> master.
> > Regarding why the Holy Tradition didn't instruct Robin what
> > to do;
> I asked why the Holy Tradition didn't instruct *Maharishi*
> what to do. That was in reference to your claim:

Maharishi ia the Holy Tradition.

> "What an impossible task he took upon himself, still he
> managed to pull it through with the support of the Masters
> of the Holy Tradition."
> > why don't you innoscently ask Them yourself ? Or ask
> > Maharishi, he is available too.
> Cop-out city, Nabby. They aren't available to me. 

Ofcourse They are.

You ask
> them and let us know what they say, OK? 

Why should I when I consider these private matters between Robin and Maharishi ?


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