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> Yes, I get posts in my yahoo inbox. I use Mozilla Firefox browser. Are you 
> saying there's a bridge between these two worlds?!

There is but *one* world Share. It's not "reality"; it's your mail
box (that can be viewed via different clients).

I have a Yahoo! mail account that I use to read several hundred
messages a day using the Yahoo! web email client. Recently they
introduced a *smart* feature whereby the right-hand scroll bar
automatically loads more than the initial screen-full as you drag
it down. It uses 'Ajax' technology I suspect. That is to say that
as you drag it down it sends (behind the scenes) requests for more 
email headers to display in the list. I find it disconcerting and
very *non* user-friendly. And it conflicts with the option you may
have set in "settings" to display, say, 25, 50 or 100 emails per

I haven't been following your travails closely, but is this
possibly the irritation you are experiencing?

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> > > Yes, I remember it as being within the last month. That's what
> > > I meant by recently. I saw on yahoo help page that someone had
> > > already complained about it and my tech savvy friend said that
> > > it wasn't a glitch, it was an alleged *improvement.*
> > 
> > Wonder why nobody else here has mentioned it? Any ideas?
> I dunno for sure - but it it 'cos Share is using Yahoo!'s
> web *email client* (Yahoo! Mail) to read FFL (and the issue
> she has is with that), whereas other folks are referring to
> access to Yahoo! groups via browser (which does not have that
> issue)?
> This! may! be! the! source! of! the! confusion!?

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