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> > To us sceptics it was always going to be something like this,
> > the only thing to raise my eyebrows here is the claim that 20%
> > of heart attack victims report a NDE, is it that many?
> You don't wonder about whether experiments on rats can tell
> us definitively what the story is with human beings?

What's the difference? Do you think we evolved an afterlife
but rodents didn't, how would that work?

Rats are mammals, it might seem insulting but they are therefore
virtually identical to us, the trouble is that the human race considers itself 
such a big screaming deal when the only difference
is the intricate cerebral cortex where our ideas and speculations

The "lower" brain centres are the same in all animals that's
most likely why a neurologists would feel comfortable drawing this
comparison. I'm all for human experiments in this field, though
some seem bound to question the morals of such interesting work,
we need some volunteers...

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