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> > "If all masses were once lower, and had been constantly increasing,
> > the colours of old galaxies would look redshifted in comparison to
> > current frequencies, and the amount of redshift would be proportionate
> > to their distances from Earth.
> > 
> > "Thus, the redshift would make galaxies seem to be receding even if
> > they were not."
> I swear to God, I have *always* thought there was something
> fishy about the idea that the red shift indicated galaxies
> were receding. Without knowing even remotely enough about it
> to argue the point, I hasten to add. It just seemed intuitively
> wrong. So I hope this guy is right!

You aren't alone, another theory has it that red shifts in distant
objects might be caused by light slowing down as it nears the 
event horizon of the massive black holes thought to be present in 
all galaxies. We see it as red because it struggles to get away but
just gets stretched.

To me, that light turns red as it moves away is the easiest explanation, 
especially as these radical ideas still needs the 
rapid period of inflation that got us all where we are. Doppler 
shifts are part of all wave mechanics so why do without them? 
Not without evidence that it doesn't work anyway. 

Still, all theories are good theories, and as I always say: there 
is speculation, there is wild speculation and there is cosmology.

On the subject of black holes, the monster at the centre of our 
galaxy is about to start feeding. A large cloud of gas has been 
drawn in close and in the next few weeks we should get HD pictures 
of just what happens when something disappears into oblivion. Shall
post any pics when they appear, though I'm surprised things like this aren't 
front page news.

Another factoid that gives the lie to the above black hole theory
is that most galactic centre holes are dormant. This is because the
explosions caused by things like stars being sucked into something 
a lot smaller causes massive explosions that push other material
away to orbit at not-quite safe distance but eventually something
will stray too close and the process starts up again. Until then
you just get a lot of stuff circling apparently nothing.

Just like this in fact:


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