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> > Instead of the above post, read this CORRECTED VERSION, 
> > it contains many wrong attributions: 
> > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FairfieldLife/message/353508. 
> > I just came back just to correct the many wrong attributions 
> > to me! Btw. how reliable would a post be, that contains so 
> > many mistakes?
> A larger, unaddressed question is how reliable would
> the word of the person who is still claiming to have
> been so important that Maharishi kept tabs on *him*
> be in the first place.

It's rather a leap from a post that had some mistaken
attributions of quotes (that were corrected by Robin
a few hours later) to questioning Robin's reliability
overall. Pretty much all of us get our attributions
confused from time to time. (Humorously enough, in a
post denouncing Robin for having mixed up his
attributions in that post, Barry fouled up *his own*

As to "claiming to have been so important," the point
of that post wasn't about importance, it was about the
fact that Maharishi never discouraged Robin from what
he was doing or cast any doubt on his enlightenment,
until Robin did his number at MIU seven years later.

And goodness knows the reliability of Robin's word
hasn't been "unaddressed" here. The folks who found him
threatening questioned it at every opportunity. Sadly,
nobody was able to turn up any incriminating evidence.

> A *lot* of the silly "defenses of Robin" on this forum
> seem to be based on taking the word of a documented 
> liar. Remember how he claimed over and over that he 
> had never struck any of his students?

Gee, seems to me we went over that in great detail just
a little while ago, the last time you brought it up. 
That's not what Robin claimed, as was discussed at
length. (As Robin himself said, "I did not deny something
I knew was true. I denied what I was accused of.")

Pretty ironic for the most egregious liar in the history
of FFL to be worried about the honesty of others, innit?
But hypocrisy has never posed a problem for Barry.

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