Thanks for the nice comments, Edg. I promise to keep being a bastard.

And for your information, I dash off things here and send them without
editing them because most of the time I'm just having fun with them.
That, and the audience I'm writing for doesn't meet my standards for
deserving edited copy -- they're not paying me.

For paying customers, I edit. Non-paying customers who don't like
my unedited posts can go suck eggs. Non-paying editors who get off
on editing my posts for me should pay *me*, for providing them with
something to do on those days when they're off work and thus not
busy...uh...editing.   :-)

--- In, Duveyoung  wrote:
> Barry is not a hack writer.
> He introduces us all to new concepts on a DAILY basis.  He creates
wonderful phrases that nail down his nuances.  He communicates!
> He knows his own mind.
> He is brave.
> He's in fucking Europe and taking its pulse -- how many others in your
life do you have as an on-the-spot reporter?
> And despite his having pissed me off by the ton, FFL would be almost
hollowed out if he stopped writing here.
> And Curtis likes him like a brother.
> My biggest gripe about him as a writer is that he tosses off a ton of
his stuff without any major re-writing.  That's okay, cuz he's just
funnin' iz all, but yeah, he could benefit from taking to heart the best
advice I ever got as a writer -- from L.B.Shriver -- that is:  to "kill
your precious little darlings."  Every single day as a writer, I have to
toss out some of my best stuff because is just doesn't belong in what
I'm writing at the time.  Ironic that, eh?
> So keep on writing you bastard!
> Edg
> --- In, "authfriend" authfriend@ wrote:
> >
> > --- In, doctordumbass@  wrote:
> > >
> > > Just *one* more sip of coffee, Michael, for you. You are a
> > > hundred times the writer than this guy is.
> >
> > Have to agree. Barry's a hack writer--showy, but shallow.
> >
> > Michael, I was hors de combat when you posted them, so I
> > didn't get a chance to tell you, but those reminiscences
> > of yours were superb, beautifully written *and* full of
> > heart.
> >
> > > YOU could get published, whereas Barry has nothing to say - he is
in a writer's rut, and has been for years. YOU could actually make money
at it, whereas Barry never will, except as a tech writer.
> > >
> > > --- In, Michael Jackson  wrote:
> > > >
> > > > I know there are a lot of people on FFL who dislike you Turq,
but I love your writing - if one day I can write as well as you I will
have achieved something great.
> >

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