One thing for sure about FFL, it's made me more sensitive to writing simply 
because there is such a great variety of writing voices here. Of course people 
vary in their writing skills and in what they enjoy writing about. But the 
biggest contrast from me is more about the tone of the writing, which is super 
easy to discern and a bit difficult to explain. Actually at this moment I'm 
thinking that tone might be the co creative aspect of reading writing. Meaning 
that tone is created by the silent interaction of reader and writer. Just a 
thought at this moment.

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> Barry is not a hack writer.
> He introduces us all to new concepts on a DAILY basis.  He creates wonderful 
> phrases that nail down his nuances.  He communicates!
> He knows his own mind.
> He is brave.
> He's in fucking Europe and taking its pulse -- how many others in your life 
> do you have as an on-the-spot reporter?

I agree, Barry brings a lot of energy and ideas to this place and I always 
enjoy his writings.

What the hell would everyone talk about if he left? We'd get away
with a five post a week maximum if nobody had him to kick against.

To use Judy's argument from earlier, is this aggression towards him
a sign that he's on the right track?*


> So keep on writing you bastard! 

And you, Edg.

> Edg

*May I predict 20,000 posts by sundown.


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