At Trader Joe's I once pointed out to a clerk that their "organic" corn 
chip dippers are undoubtedly done for them by Lay's.  Why?  For one 
thing the packaging is similar and two that many of these major food 
manufacturers also do the products for other companies.  That keeps 
their food manufacturing up all the time rather than just busy for Lay's 
runs.  I think the clerk was a little shocked which told me that Trader 
Joe's isn't giving them a little background on how food vendors work.

A few years ago on NPR there was an interview with Paul Newman's 
daughter who runs his brand label of foods.  She explained they don't 
have their own processing plants and they have companies like Heinz, 
Kraft or other food vendors do their products for them.  To have their 
own plants would make their stuff really expensive.

Similarly you bring up Lucky's chips and I would bet that the alternate 
to Lay's would be Ore-Ida and their plant in Weston, Oregon not that far 
from where I grew up (cousin's lived in that town so we visited there).  
I seem to recall that Laura Scudder's chips which Lucky's sells are made 
there.  I like Lucky's because they have the largest store nearby. Nob 
Hill's is closer but is one of their small stores and when I've asked 
where a product on sale is they've replied "we're a small store so don't 
get all the products listed in the ads".  Lucky's will usually have 
every product found in the ads.  Safeway, same deal, a small store up 
the street but a huge one north of Sun Valley that was a large Mervyn's 
store.  Lucky's of course does not require a card and often has good deals.

I'm not into beer that much to try making it.  My brother tried his hand 
at it though.  My dad hated the "Rainier Brewmaster" ads on TV in the 
northwest.   Then he learned that Rainier's brewmaster may have been a 
relative. :-D

Some  of the best cabernet's in the US are produced where I grew up in 
the NW.  There are some damn good merlot's coming from that area too.  I 
used to rub it into my California relatives about the award winning 
wines from the tiny town 4 miles from where we grew up.  I went to 
school with the vintner and the last time I bought a bottle of the 
cabernet from one of the wine shops around here it was $48 a bottle!

On 08/16/2013 12:03 PM, wrote:
> "Potato chips are a non-essential foodstuff" - Blasphemy!!
> Know whatcha mean about the prices, though. Lots of times, I'll try a store 
> brand - Lucky's is really good, one of the best. I shop like a damned hawk - 
> try to get everything I buy on sale - who cares what kind of OJ it is? As for 
> all the additives in processed food, I hope my body forgives me!
> I like Gordon-Biersch too, also Sapporo, Long Board, and Michelob. Los Gatos 
> Brewing Co. has some good beer, too, though I don't think they bottle it.
> Given your genes, have you tried making beer?
> --- In, Bhairitu <noozguru@...> wrote:
>> On 08/16/2013 09:13 AM, doctordumbass@... wrote:
>>> I was in Target last night, buying protein drinks, OJ, milk, and beer, plus 
>>> whatever my daughter wanted. They don't have great deals on beer, but a 12 
>>> pack of Tecate cans was ten bucks, so I bought one.
>>> I really enjoy a good potato chip, too. Mostly I eat them without any dip, 
>>> and without the BBQ or Sour Cream flavoring. Best brand I've found are Utz, 
>>> made in Pennsylvania (not available in California - frowny face)- not 
>>> overly greasy, enough salt, and the chips are large AND unbroken (this is 
>>> key). Whenever I buy a bag, I tenderly remove it from its confining and 
>>> potentially damaging, grocery bag, with the other items, and set it aside, 
>>> usually on its own seat, that it might remain pristine on the ride home.
>>> So I take my potato chips seriously. Imagine my surprise - delighted and 
>>> horrified at the same time, to see at Target, in their, "weird, cheap 
>>> stuff" section, at the front of the store, I saw Lay's brand potato chips. 
>>> Flavor: "Chicken and Waffles"!!!!!!!!
>>> Chicken and Waffles flavored potato chips!! So Out There! Loved the 
>>> concept, though not enough to actually buy the bag. I would have, because I 
>>> am a waffle fan, but not at all of chicken - red meat rocks, but "chicken" 
>>> says it all.:-)
>>> Maybe next visit, though - I am dying to see what they taste like!
>> Potato chips are a non-essential foodstuff so I like to use them as a
>> measure of inflation.  The real WTF is the price of a bag of them
>> nowadays.  They're cheap to make and Lay's makes out like bandits on the
>> stuff at today's inflation rate.  Bet there is MSG in that "chicken and
>> waffles" too in a day in age where companies are starting to put "NO
>> MSG" on their packages and even "NO HFCS".  The MSG makes the chicken
>> flavor taste more "meaty."
>> I haven't indulged this summer but my favorite beer is the local
>> Gordon-Biersch Martzen.  And for wine l like our local winery's cabernet
>> savignon.  FYI, one of my ancestors was a brew master.

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