Alex, sorry, but I'm in favor of your having all the problems being tossed at 
ya, cuz, you really do a very nice job at rising to those occasions.  If you're 
not posting all that much, think about poor starving-for-more-Alex us -- 
slavering to see ya get in the ring with an idiot or three and watch you smack 
them with reality.  It pleases us SO DEEPLY.

Dude, don't go!  Keep taking it for the team!

Or, promise to start trikking.  


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> > I read the FFL website like one of those arrival/departure
> > monitors, at the airport. If I am interested in where a post came
> > from, or where its going, I'll open it. If not, no problem.
> Yeah, but you're enlightened and thus capable of performing such miracles.

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