Stay tuned, Alex, I have a solution.  I think I mentioned here that I built a 
motorized Trikke that's faster than any that they sell as production models.  
Goes 18.5 mph on the flats, faster downhill, of course, and it's a thrill, but 
it's not enough from me to tell you that your long gravel road isn't a problem. 

But.  I'm working on building a much more powerful model.  With dual rear wheel 
drive and a whole lotta other stuff.  Can't say too much more, so this 
"announcement" is a mere teaser, but I'm thinking about ya as a test rider.  Do 
you have life insurance?


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> > Or, promise to start trikking.  
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> Riiiiiiiiiight... 3/4 mile of gravel between the house and pavement, and the 
> pavement is a two-lane with a 55 MPH speed limit and gravel shoulders. Trikke 
> it? Hell, I don't even ride to town on my recumbent tadpole trike any more 
> because it's too dangerous; no way I'd ever do it on one of your 
> swerve-of-death contraptions.

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