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> Well, it was originally all about Shemp, Lawson, 
> and Judy. Shemp is gone and Lawson hardly posts 
> at all, so it's all about Judy, or more to the 
> point, Barry's obsession with Judy and his need 
> to have her controlled. Frankly, I'm tired of 
> being a pawn in that ego drama. 

Ahem. Who obsessed on *whom* during this last
week? I might point out that the person you're
naming as the obsessor in this scenario neither 
responded to nor mentioned the people obsessing 
on *him* the whole week. Now do a quick count on 
the number of posts they made obsessing on him. 

So much for their claim that "We only attack 
him because he attacks us."

That said, I have no objections to the post 
count thingy being discontinued if most people
here want it to be. It's been so pleasant NOT
interacting with a certain group of people here
that I will likely continue that approach after
this experiment is over. They, from their side,
are free to continue obsessing on me and Share
and the rest of their "enemies," thus demon-
strating who and what they are to anyone with
eyes to see it. Win-win. 

My larger prediction was, and remains, that 
whether limited to 50 posts or 200, there really
aren't a lot of interesting ideas being posted
on FFL, and most of the ones that are posted and
argued about are Other People's Ideas. I think
that's a sad commentary on the philosophy that
promised them all a boost in their "creative

I've been on vacation during this period, and 
thus free to just write the things I felt like
writing, on my own schedule. I had fun with that,
and ignored the small shit, not to mention the
small assholes from whence that small shit 
issued. :-) I think that a few of my posts in
this period were both creative and Not Other 
People's Ideas, but I'll allow you to make your 
own assessment of them. I'll probably continue 
to do the same thing in the future. Consider it 
my balanced, humble, and above all compassionate 
attempt to balance out the overwhelming mediocrity 
of this place.  :-)  :-)  :-)

People can react to my posts -- and to me -- however
they want. Or, they could realize the folly of
believing that they should, let alone that they
"have to." That's an ego game. If your EGO is
so affronted by something said here by another
poster that you feel the need to "get" them and 
convince others that this is a Bad Person, then I 
think all you'll accomplish by pursuing that goal 
is to demonstrate how big your EGO really is. 
*Especially* if you've claimed that you're all 
enlightened, and thus don't have one. :-) 

In other words, I don't care if the posting limits
are dropped. They've just been a convenient way
to rub one person's nose into her own tendency to
obsess, and continually fight imaginary EGO battles,
often with people who aren't even fighting back. 
That will continue to happen whether this person
is able to post 500 times a week, or 5. Those who
consider her their role model will do the same
thing. Their call. The rest of us are free to 
react to that -- or NOT react -- as we see fit.

So go forth and leave the Robocop duties to some
other hapless soul if that's what you want to do.
>From my point of view, this experiment is already
a success. Given the opportunity to post as much
as they wanted, most people here -- especially the
small group of people who seem to live for "getting"
the people they don't like -- really DON'T have
anything else to say. If they did, they'd have
taken advantage of this week to say it.

Just my two centimes...

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