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> Now it can be told -
> People who don't like Barry's posts
> are always free to ignore them.

I'm also free to ignore the friend who repeatedly beats her dog. 
I am free to ignore the woman who has fallen in the street and can't get up.
I am free to ignore the fact that my house is on fire.
I am free to ignore the fact that I am bleeding from a knife wound in my neck.
I am free to ignore a baby bird who has just fallen out of a nest.

> This type of selective attention  is the refuge of
> anyone who realizes that human life is temporary.
> When evaluated by that standard, a large number
> of FFL denizens of must be "heavenly immortals".
> How refreshing to find this out.
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> >
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> > >
> > > I'm referring to Barry being hugely in favor of posting
> > > limits that are, at this point, all about Judy. Which
> > > is not to say that others are not equally focused on Barry.
> >
> > 206 posts' worth this past week, either replying
> > to something I posted, or mentioning me, just from
> > the four core members of the MGC alone. Overall,
> > subtracting the posts *I* made from the total, I'm
> > mentioned or cited in over a third of all posts.
> >
> > I think one could make a case for "focused on." :-)
> >

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