Judy and Xeno, I'm learning, especially here on FFL, that it's best NEVER to 
blast someone unkindly. Whether it's *important to* reminds me of something 
posted a few weeks ago: that evil takes over when good people become prideful. 
Furthermore, I think it's possible to express one's opinion, set boundaries, 
etc. without being unkind. Because really, exactly what does unkindness 
accomplish? Does it produce kindness in the abusive person? If so, then all I 
can say is that I have seen no empirical evidence of that here on FFL!

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That may well be true. I don't think one ought to blast
people unkindly unless one feels it's important. It isn't
something to be done casually or for fun.

> Getting blasted by Barry, and getting blasted by you are,
> for me, entirely different experiences. For me, that recent
> post to Share was the only one, of the ones of Barry's I
> have read recently that comes close to your intensity.

You've missed quite a few posts of his, it seems.

Did you see this one, for instance?


(Actually this is my response, but Barry's post is
quoted in its entirety. Interestingly, not long
afterward, he decided he was going to go back to
not responding to his "enemies." Oh, BTW, below
Barry's post are my responses to two of yours,
which I'm not sure you saw either.)

Here's another (also with my response at the top):


> It makes me wonder if somewhere in your life history your
> method of responding to people developed in response to
> some less than pleasant events, or it could a family
> characteristic.

Neither, sorry to disappoint you. Maybe I was just lucky,
but until I started posting to electronic forums 25 or
so years ago, I'd never encountered this kind of
intellectual and factual dishonesty and gratuitous
obnoxiousness. (You can call that a "less than pleasant
event" if you like, but somehow I don't think it's what
you had in mind.)

> Some people seem inclined to confrontation and argument
> more than others. So in reply to your last comment, aside
> from the question I asked about percentages, I do think
> you are confrontational and accusatory. I am stating this
> as if it were a fact. But the other side of the coin is,
> do you think yourself that you are this way or not?

When I think it's appropriate, yes indeed. (The difference
between you and me in that regard is that I'm honest
about it.)

> Do the people on the forum who are generally favourable to
> you think you are confrontational and accusatory? There
> would seem to be a range of opinion on this issue.

I guess you've thought more about it than I have. It's not
something I'm concerned about. You probably should ask
the folks you have in mind.

> I would assume that those who thought you were would tend
> to be more favourable in Barry's direction, and those who
> felt you were not would not be favourable to Barry, and
> even if they thought you were confrontational and accusatory,
> would feel it was justified as you championed ideas and an
> outlook on life they were more comfortable with.

I have no idea what your point is here. I think people react
to Barry as individuals, not because of how I react to him.

Maybe you're the exception, though.


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