Who knows if he doesn't? M used to say TM and drugs were like an elephant that 
takes a bath, then gets out of the water and roles in the dust. Maybe Paul was 
an elephant in a previous life time.


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> paul and ringo promote TM cause Lynch has prevailed upon them to do so - I 
> wonder if they actually do it? Given the fact that Sir Paul has been using 
> pot and other drugs for years, I guess TM didn't have as much charm for him 
> as a bit of sinsimilla - from the one of the UK papers on Sir Paul's cannabis 
> use:
> "During
> their divorce, Miss Mills claimed Sir Paul would use cannabis as 
> regularly as others drink cups of tea"
> Didn't they used to say at intro and advanced lectures that TM helps stop 
> drug use? Looking at some of the posts on MUM Secrets maybe they changed the 
> program and MUM is on the Paul McCartney TM Program, five hits of Lemon Ice 
> and 20 minutes of TM Plus Sidhis.

As usual you are very ill-informed. Paul doesn't smoke pot any more.


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