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> > No, it's not too late, Judy; thank you; I much appreciate it. Yes, part of 
> > me did get a kick out it all, and it was blissful -- and then my physiology 
> > got a KICK out of it all on a whole new level! :-D  
> > 
> > You are quite right about my projecting an invulnerability; that is indeed 
> > a part of me, but (obviously) not the whole me. Some election results from 
> > outlying precincts come in a bit later, particularly where my body is 
> > concerned, and as I have found, they can be devastatingly uncompromising. I 
> > went to sleep that night with subtle pyrotechnics in the heart, and awoke 
> > at 5 with the full-on physical symptoms. But I will try to be more attuned 
> > faster to the outlying results and reflect a more immediately nuanced 
> > response in the future.
> > 
> > I remember your supportive comments as well, of course. You are right, I 
> > have no impulse to go back and look, but if memory serves (which it may 
> > not), the "Bullcrap" seemed to be in response to my saying something like, 
> > what I say is not that important; what is important is the energetic 
> > connection, meaning the healing or assimilation that takes place in me (as 
> > a result of an interaction). Does that sound about right?
> Nope. Here it is (#352913):
> =======
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> > I am sorry if this sounds odd; it has been a sore spot with
> > me for some time, some of these wavicles of Us who claim they
> > want us and then fight us tooth and nail when we try to bring
> > them home!
> Try to imagine how painful it is for these wavicles to
> be told we're resisting enlightenment.
> > For some of us it can be quite a painful dance for a while.
> Ever think perhaps your attempts to draw them into that dance
> is doing more harm than good?
> > But understandable, seeing as they may deep-down see Us as
> > death...
> Bullcrap, Rory.

Ah, right, thank you, Judy! To which I responded something like "I said *may* 
as that was my experience. Yours may be something entirely different." And 
again, to clarify, I reiterate that I was not thinking about you when I wrote 
this post, but myself and another FFL member, long ago, who did appear to do 
that push-pull routine. I don't really see you as claiming to want me (or 
"enlightenment" -- whatever that may be), nor as fighting me (or 
"enlightenment" or whatever) tooth and nail. From my point of view, you're 
fine; there's nothing to "fix".

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