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> It's interesting to read this bearing in mind how
> attached Barry is to "defeating" his own "enemies."
> The majority of his posts here are devoted to it
> (including this one). But he doesn't seem to
> realize that in this regard, he's no different
> than anyone else here. Except that he does it *at
> least* as much as anybody else.
> A few comments interspersed below...
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> > In battle (or pseudo-battle, such as Judo matches), people who throw
> > themselves off balance by pushing *against* their
> > End of story. They have in essence defeated *themselves* by allowing
> > their self to become so attached to "defeating" the person they're
> > pushing against.
> >
> > In politics, this same Judo Theory Of Everything explains (at least
> > me) the whole sad story of revolution/counterrevolution over the
> > Think the Russian Revolution. Everybody was so fixated on pushing
> > *against* the czars that when they went away, they suddenly found
> > themselves in the position of having nothing else to push against.
> > with that realization came another -- they'd never thought about
> > was going to happen if the czars went away. They were so obsessive
> > what they were *against* that they'd never put any thought into what
> > they were *for*. Therefore, when their enemy was withdrawn from
> > they had no idea what to do. So they made up *new* enemies, from
> > their own ranks, and created a *new* revolution against *them*. This
> > scenario has repeated itself over and over and over throughout the
> > centuries.
> >
> > On social media, you see exactly the same thing. Think FFL. There
> > people here who *still* fly into a rage and lash out *against*
> > like Andrew Skolnick, with whom they have not interacted for more
than a
> > decade, and who never once posted to this forum.
> Actually nobody "flies into a rage" over Andrew. Interestingly,
> though, it's Barry who mentions him most often here.
> There are still people
> > who cannot go a month without lashing out *against* someone like
> > or Vaj or Sally Sunshine or Ruth or others who gave up on this place
> > a waste of their valuable time long ago.
> Since Robin gave up on this place on April 8, Advanced
> Search shows 93 posts from Barry that mention him. (This
> is subject to the same caveats as those for Barry's
> search for posts mentioning himself, of course, but these
> are posts from a single person, not the entire forum; and
> we all know Barry does mention Robin quite frequently.)
> > And I would suggest that the reason is that the people who do this
> > Lazy Fucks, who have never put any thought into what they're *for*
> > life. For most of those lives, they've pursued the Easy Path, of
> > focusing on the things and people they're *against*. When those
> > or people are withdrawn *from* their focus, they panic, and keep
> > against them anyway.
> Exactly the case with Barry vis-a-vis Robin.
> > NOT that I'm suggesting this might be happening on FFL the last few
> > days, since their favorite "push against" victim stopped posting as
> > much. It *can't* be that the folks who rag on him non-stop (or who
> > emerged from the woodwork like roaches just so that they could rag
> > him again)
> Hey, Bob, Barry called you a roach! That couldn't mean
> he's pushing against you, could it?
> ****
> Barry,
> As a cockroach and member *under consideration* of the
> MGC, I hope you noticed the kiss I blew you as I scampered across your
> screen recently; I was a little concerned to see you attempting those
> art moves as if your laptop was attacking you; as I believe Ann (Grand
> of the MGC) has mentioned: "its only the Internet", and we're not
> actually real; at least in the sense that having a girl with you---in
Provence in
> August---would be considered real; just between you and me (and the
> your laptop is not the same thing as a lap dancer---or a blow up doll
for that
> matter---no matter how much you squint at it.
> Share loved your Bee Gees link and asked me to pass
> this on to you:
> Personally, I think she might be getting close to
> suggesting the two of you curl up in front of the fire channel
together; I hear
> you can do that over SKYPE.
> ****
> > can't think of anything else to do. That would be
> > *embarrassing* for them, and we all know that their whole lives
> > around micromanaging their images to pretend that they're *never*
> > embarrassed by their own behavior. :-)
> How often does Barry admit to being embarrassed by his
> own behavior? Gee, I can't think of a single instance.
> Anybody?
> > Anyway, that's my theory, which is mine. You may agree with it, or
> > disagree with it, and -- either way -- I don't really give a fuck.
> > much as it may pain those who focus on me non-stop may like to
> > it,
> Oops oops oops, incomplete edit. Feeling a little
> unbalanced there, are ya, Barry?
> > NOTHING they write affects me terribly much. None of the people
> > doing the writing are *interesting* enough for me to pay much
> > to what they write, or give much more thought than this cafe rap as
> > WHY they write it.
> Hard to believe given how often Barry attacks them in
> his "cafe raps."
> I just parse their actions through my Judo Theory,
> > and that pretty much explains everything about them I or anyone else
> > ever needed to know.
> >
> > YMMV. If it does, you may feel free to expound upon *your*
> > for why people who seem to dislike one person so intensely that they
> > spend most of their online writing time trying to "get" him or
> > him become so panicky when he decides to go...uh...silent. Feel free
> > suggest your alternative theories.
> My explanation is that this happens only in Barry's
> imagination. (Although Robin leaving does seem to have
> thrown him for quite a loop, such that he began
> compulsively to take out his rage at Robin by
> attacking *me*).
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