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> Robin could have been in Unity consciousness, where similarity predominates, 
> over differences. But that SOC is still relative to one's singular identity. 
> The identity must shift to a less localized state to grow beyond the Unity 
> SOC. The core fear of duality is still present in the Unity SOC, although the 
> perception that this duality is an illusion begins to take hold, due to the 
> incontrovertible oneness that the heart and intellect begin to sense, 
> outwardly. 
Dr.D this is an interesting POV, what you say makes sense (even though, I don't 
know what is really the case here). But it does remind me of a series of tapes 
- probably the spiritual development course - where he speaks of the fullness 
of fullness, and the fullness of emptiness (both he calls 'fullness'). 
Obviously emptiness is synonymous of duality here. (I don't think he means the 
emptiness of the Buddhists). 

He then goes on to describe, that the fullness, obviously Unity, despite of the 
fact that it is everywhere, senses, that there is a place where it is not,at 
least the possibility of such a place, emptiness, and he speaks of Fullness 
moving because of the fear it has of emptiness - Fullness is on the move - was 
the phrase he used. I always thought, this is highly allegorically, fullness on 
the move would be a synonym for Shakti, but may be it is borne out of an 
experience, just like the one you describe.

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