Thanks for re-reading that Share. I'm not for for anybody condemning anyone 
about their personal lives. I was merely offering an explanation which may or 
may not be valid. < Yes ,I think M did believe that religions still have that 
power but I also believe he knew that religion is pure and our ability to 
understand the intent is according to our own individual capacity or level of 


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Sorry, Mike, yes, you did say suppression and I read enforcement. It's a hot 
topic for me. It sounded like you were in favor of religion, at the very least, 
condemning people if their sexuality is different than the supposed norm.

I wonder if Maharishi thought that contemporary religions really have any power 
to protect the evolution of souls.

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I'm not really sure what Share was implying in that post. If it was that I 
believe it's open season on harassing people about their sexuality, then she's 
all wet as you would be also if that's what you thought. My comment was in 
regard to the role of religion in general, not how people practice it. People 
practice their religions according to their ability and understanding, which 
has the capacity to evolve as they do..

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--- In, "sharelong60" <sharelong60@...> 
wrote: > > Unfortunately Mike, any enforcing activity is not done by > 
"religion" itself. Enforcing is done by other humans who > might have issues 
with sexuality. In general if there's any > enforcing to be done, other than to 
defend one's self > against or protect the weak from aggression, I say let life 
> take care of enforcing whatever its natural laws are.  And very well said, 
Share.  > --- In, Mike Dixon 
<mdixon.6569@> wrote: > > > > Perhaps that is why religions, in general, 
encourage the suppression of homosexual activity, so that it remains only in 
that transitional incarnation instead of piling up from life- time to life- 
time. In other-words, if those *tendencies*are  not suppressed, they become 
stronger the next time. M has always said that the purpose of religion is to 
protect the evolution of the soul. > >  > >  > >  > >
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PM > > Subject: [FairfieldLife] Re: Pfc. Bradley Manning sentenced to 35 years 
> >  > >    > >  > > --- In, Mike Dixon 
<mdixon.6569@> wrote: > > > > > > Charlie was definitely a believer in 
Theosophy. As I remember > > > it( his explanation), we change from one sex to 
the other > > > every three incarnations. The first incarnation of the opposite 
> > > sex drags old tendencies from the previous birth with it. The > > > 
second birth in that sex is more balanced, while the third  > > > incarnation 
is more of an exaggeration of that sex. The super  > > > masculine man or the 
super feminine woman. So naturally, the > > > next change, brings with it, 
impressions from the previous > > > birth which was exaggerated. > >  > > When 
you first posted this, you
 presented it as an > > explanation for homosexuality. But a "super masculine" 
> > man or "super feminine" woman (if you're talking about > > appearance, 
which I believe you were when you posted > > it before) could just as easily be 
gay as straight. > >  > > Likewise, gender dysphoria should not be confused 
with > > homosexual preference. Often they go together, but > > sometimes they 
don't. Most gays and lesbians don't want > > to change their gender. > >  > > 
This would mean that all these experiences are natural for everybody to 
experience from life time to life time. And of course, how we treat one another 
going through theses phases of evolution determine our own fate. Do unto others 
as you would have done unto you. Pile-on all of our other karmas  and 
hang-ups and god only knows how it's going to be expressed. Who knows why 
someone feels they are in the wrong body? That could be untangling a > > >  
mess that you'll never figure out. > > > 

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