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> I know I'm rambling, but that was the nature of the evening
> and of the Great Conversation itself. No plan, no intent, no
> egos, no "I'm right and you're wrong," no barbs, no insults,
> no one trying to "lead" the conversation and take it in any
> particular direction. Just people who were comfortable with
> each other *being* comfortable with each other, and enjoying
> where *that* might lead the conversation. It made me a little 
> nostalgic for those rare times when such conversations have
> broken out on Fairfield Life, and for the even rarer egolessness
> and sense of comfort that made them possible.
> I'm writing this in the hope that they're still possible, and
> that they might happen here again someday. If they can't, I
> honestly don't see much point in sticking around.

I can't help observing that some of the very best
conversations *I* ever saw on FFL involved Robin,
whose posts Barry claimed he never read and whom
Barry persistently, viciously, and gratuitously
attacked (and still attacks even in his absence).

And if I were asked what one thing would be most
likely to facilitate more and better conversation
on FFL, I'd have to say it would be Barry *not* 
sticking around.

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