OH look! The old format with rich text!  Yay!

First, thanks to Auth. I will read your description of what to do on

Share, I am going to sleep in odd places the next 3 evenings.  Let's
tell war stories on Monday. Unless I can escape Sunday evening.
I am babysitting people who find fun as not enough as the night goes
on....more later.
Happy Labor Day weekend.

You may hear about this as it unfolds. hahaha.

Emily, be glad you are you.

Ann, mind the horses.

Buck, get off the high horse as Judy had said.

Mr. and Mrs. Price, enjoy the comforts of conjugal pleasures.

Alex, nothing.

Turq? Bring out the tally stick.

The rest of ya'll, be glad I am out of time.

Gotta catch that head wind to ride this adventure out.
Where is my bathing suit.

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> Bhaaaaaaaaaaaaa, let's see how sane Obbajee is living in 99F 37C
weather and sleeping room was above 80F 26C last night because window AC
is old and worn out.
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> This new format is making me more crazy than Share. See you guys in a
few days.  I am going to hang out with the drunks, and the Sea Cows in
the spring fed river..have a great weekend, FFL peeps. OXO
> -Obba

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