The best theatre close to where I live is an AMC - it still offers five dollar 

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Re Steve Sundur " We generally see movies at the theatre, so it is painful when 
you pick a bomb, both from a time and a money perspective.  (We like to get 
popcorn and a drink, so it starts to add up.) ":

Prices for popcorn, hot dogs and coke are extortionate here in UK cinemas. 
Hadn't realised it's the same your side of the Pond.

And, yes, I'm renting A Hijacking soon as the basic set-up almost guarantees 
escalating tension - wonder if there'll be a Hollywood remake . . . 


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I enjoyed the Bourne movies.  There was some intelligent plot.  Not so with 
Elysium.  At least in my opinion.

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Everyone who loved the Bourne movies will of course love to see Matt D runnin' 
and fightin' and shootin' - he always respects their fine level of feeling 
before his blasts them into oblivion, and I bet he admires their pearly white 
teeth after they are dead.

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Do not, I repeat, do not, see this silly film (Elysium) which has a few minutes 
of an interesting plot at the start but then descends into about an hour and a 
half of the usual shoot  'em crap.  It was a chore to stay through the whole 
thing.  If I knew my wife was as bored as I was, I certainly would have 
suggested we leave.
Tonight we saw "In a World", which I would recommend. (comedy)  Also, recently, 
"A Hijacking", another big recommend. (suspense)

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 Re "Jones' rants get funny though.": I'm in favour of funny.

 Re "Elysium was a racist film": I haven't seen it yet, Basic plot appeals 

Re "Another is that Brave New World was an instruction manual.  He actually 
plays a clip of Huxley and fails to realize Huxley was warning of the dangers 
of a technocracy not endorsing  the idea.": One of my all-time favourite books. 
Be aware though that initially Huxley set out to write a satire of  the dangers 
of technology but as he became engrossed in his creation he was also attracted 
by the appeal of the 24/7 hedonistic lifestyle he portrayed. That ambiguity is 
a major part of what make the book so tantalising. What a true work of prophecy 
that novel turned out to be. I've never been able to decide if the society 
portrayed in Brave New World is a paradise that I would have been truly happy 
in, or, on the contrary, would have been a soul-destroying nightmare. Whichever 
side you come down on you must admit that in the western world we are moving 
ever closer to Huxley's vision. 

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Jones rants get funny though.  There are definitely some things I don't agree 
with him on. One of them is that "Elysium" was a racist film.  Another is that 
"Brave New World" was an instruction manual.  He actually plays a clip of 
Huxley and fails to realize Huxley was warning of the dangers of a technocracy 
not endorsing  the idea.  Huxley made it clear in "Brave New World Revisited".  
I pop in on his forum and make some corrections but I'm certainly not the only 
one there doing that.  Now that they've switched to Disqus (which I call 
Disgust) I sometimes comment on their stories.  You do get why I posted Brand's 
interview here don't you?  The old format wasn't very easy to navigate on an 
mobile device.  It's easier to write a mobile interface and extend it to a 
desktop usually through the use style sheets.  There are some kinks in the Neo 
design however.  On 08/31/2013 06:14 PM, s3raphita@... wrote: 
>Having quite pronounced libertarian tendencies myself, I'm sure I'd sympathise 
>with a lot of what Alex Jones says. And I have a soft spot for far-out views - 
>even if they are wrong they are usually entertaining and can give food for 
>thought. The problem for me is that I like people to be calm and collected and 
>make a reasoned case; Jones is too much of a ranter for my tastes. I see there 
>are a lot of clips on YouTube of Alex Jones's presentations so I'll sample a 
>few and see if that changes my mind.
>Like you, I like stirring it: Cartoons of Mohammed? Bring it on! Richard 
>Dawkins rolling up his sleeves and taking on the Creationists? Love it!
>PS: can I add my voice to those who are complaining about the new Yahoo Groups 
>format. It just doesn't look as inviting as the old format. If it ain't broke, 
>don't fix it.
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>And that host introduces him as a "shock jock".  Perhaps you are unclear of 
>the meaning "shock jock?"  Alex's show is very thought provoking and 
>entertaining.  Sure he may be "anti-abortion" and go on "pro Jesus" rants 
>while other times he would fit in just fine discussing consciousness here on 
>FFL.  Politically he is all over the board.  He supported our California 
>proposition to label GMOs.  He is anti-war unlike many of our "conservatives" 
>here.  He also hosts folks like Ed Asner and Richard Belzer both of whom are 
>liberal.  Personally, I'm glad he stirs things up.  I first started listening 
>to his shows via podcast after an apperance on Coast2Coast over ten years ago. 
> That appearance was about his expose on Bohemian Grove.  The US establishment 
>needs a lot of "pies" thrown in their faces.     On 08/31/2013 09:14 AM, 
>s3raphita@... wrote: 
>>He's a motormouth. See:
>>--- In, <noozguru@...> wrote: 
>>Have you ever listened to one of his shows or are you "reviewing a movie 
>>without having seen it?" :-D  On 08/31/2013 08:38 AM, s3raphita@... wrote: 
>>>His host, Alex Jones, is a prize idiot though. He was ranting on UK TV a 
>>>short while ago and didn't make a favourable impression. I see he's one of 
>>>those nut jobs who has accused the U.S. government of being involved in the 
>>>Oklahoma City bombing and the September 11 attacks. And he believes NASA 
>>>filmed fake Moon landings and has covered up the deaths of thousands of 
>>>--- In, <noozguru@...> wrote: 
>>>See, even Russell isn't buying the shit out of the WH.

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