On 09/01/2013 11:08 AM, Richard J. Williams wrote:

President Obama painted himself into a corner with red paint. Obama put a
temporary brake on the idea that a President can do anything he wants to do.

However, we can now watch where Assad moves all his artillery and guns -
then, later we will know what Assad will do when he feels threatened. He can run, but he can't hide from a cruise missile, anytime, any place Obama decides
to order a fire.

In fact, because he is being criticized, Obama may be more determined to strike than ever. The President has the right to call a strike without the approval of

Bill Clinton didn't bother with getting a rubber stamp from Congress - he did what had to be done to save the people in Bosnia. George W. Bush could have
invaded Syria if he had wanted to, and Assad would be in Guantanamo Cuba
by now.

Apparently you are anti-sovereignty? How does that go down with your neighbors?

For the record I opposed Clinton's intervention. At the time we had some folks in that region on an email group who were telling us about being bombed by the US. I don't think we have any Syrians here.

So do you like spend your tax dollars on war or better roads and bridges in the US?

The problems in the Middle East are only going to be solved by the free world
nations going in there with boots on the ground and take over to enforce
human rights. Most of the Middle East countries are just lines in the sand
anyway, created by the League of Nations after WW II.

The trouble in the Middle East started when the US and British oil companies decided to carve up the area for themselves. Go look it up.

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