Bhairitu, makes me think that reptilian brain is still running the show here on 
planet Earth. What, if anything, is to be done about that?

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>> Good. But your arguments tended to show support of
>> administration. They're heavily pushing intervention 
>> which makes me think they've been threatened if they 
>> don't. We all know by now that there is a lot of 
>> skulduggery that goes on behind the scenes.
>Follow the money. One cruise missile costs $1,410,000. 
>Every one fired would have to be replaced. The Pentagon 
>showers industry with contracts despite consistent cost 
>overruns, bad business practices that lead to canceled 
>contracts (of which the companies have nevertheless kept 
>$50 billion of in the last decade) and rampant contractor 
>misconduct. Defense companies received $373 billion in 
>contracts from U.S. taxpayers in 2011, a near-record 
>total and over twice what all troops in the military got 
>in 2011. Lockheed Martin alone has quadrupled its profits 
>in the last decade of two American wars. Top defense 
>industry CEO pay averages $21.5 million a year. The 
>Pentagon has not been subject to an audit since a 1990 
>law required one of every government agency. Why? Because 
>it would never pass.
And Alan Grayson said the other day that Raytheon's stock has been
    rising.  This might not have been in the video in the RawStory
    article I posted as I had just heard him interviewed by Nichole
    Sandler subbing for Randy Rhodes and he mentioned it there.

Look when there are trillions to be made what are even 3000 American
    lives to stand in the way of the defense contractor firms. 
    Americans don't get that "war is a racket."

People in the military don't want  the strike either:



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