Alex vented:
> From my perspective, the overall mood is much lighter, 
> primarily because your dark passenger hasn't been on 
> here trying to stir up the vitriol. 

Your call. What you call "lighter" I might call 
"inane." But taste is subjective.

> For crying out loud, Barry, if your egoic aversion to 
> FFL is so intense, why the hell do you stick around, 
> making it even worse with your whining and lashing out?

Ahem. "Egoic aversion" is *your* take on what I said,
not what I said. I asked for reasons why I or anyone
else would *want* to stick around, asking in particular 
for *examples* to support that stance. Obviously, you 
weren't able to provide any. Instead you provided a
few ad hominems yourself. 

I'm suggesting that the *standards* here at FFL have
sunk so low that people have *forgotten* what an 
internet discussion group can be, when it hasn't
been reduced to an ongoing soap opera set in junior
high school. 

I'm also still waiting for the *examples* of posts
from the last three weeks that you or other people 
feel *are* up to their high standards. Was yours 
one of them?

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