Richard, are you saying that Dr. Pete is needed because I enjoy your posts?! Do 
I even need to say it?! Ok, go figure!

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> Richard, I gotta tell you that you're one of the 
> posters who I almost always thoroughly enjoy both 
> for the form and content of your posts. You make 
> me laugh and also I take to heart what you say 
> about current events and political issues. 
Yeah, I mean if you had a levitation event with 
someone, wouldn't that be pretty earth-shaking event?

Where is Dr. Pete when we really need him?

For some reason Turq left out Lawson, I wonder if he
reads Lawson's posts - probably not. Lawson is really
up on the medical and scientific aspect of TM practice.

Speaking of email, one guy I know who lives up in 
Deadwood, SD, doesn't have email, or at least he 
doesn't read it. Go figure.

He's probably like a lot of guys that work out in the 
field - they have at least three free email accounts 
but they don't even remember the passwords to one of 
them. LoL! 

But, if you want a slot-machine repaired, he's the guy 
to go to. He does have a flip-phone though and a 
land line. He used to live up in Reno, and had a large 
business of his own there servicing thousands of gaming 
machines, until he got divorced. So, now he works out of
a warehouse off Main Street in Deadwood.

Go figure. 

> > According to what I've read, Turq is not interested in a 
> > dialog about TM, about meditating in a group, living in 
> > Fairfield, or what is going on in New Jersey or Austin. 
> >
> > All he seems to want to talk about is his apartment in 
> > Paris or a cafe in Amsterdam. Turq doesn't even want to 
> > talk about his crazy Tibetan religion, perhaps because 
> > he knows no Tibetan. 
> >
> > But, you'd think Turq would want to talk about his own
> > levitation event with Rama. LoL!
> >
> > I'm beginning to think what we're dealing with here is a 
> > guy posting from his place of employ. If so, that's very
> >understandable - work related distractions.
> >
> > Where is Dr. Pete when we really need him?


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