That's why I call him "Reverend Buck of the Church of the Holy Domers". Buck sounds like he is standing on some street corners thumping a Gita and saying "the end is near! Go to the domes." :-D

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I'll give you this, Buck - you write some really strange stuff sometimes.:-)

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*Son, in a lifetime we're extremely fortunate to be meditators. And, to be in Fairfield going to the group meditation everyday is extreme wealth and good fortune in life. Yep, by the necessity of the evident science and our evident experience with it the national anthem should ought to be our old song,*

*!VICTORY BEFORE WAR! It is time to march to meditation with that song sung proudly. Then sit up straight inside and Be all that we can Be deep of the transcendent in life together, extend a perimeter of light field, secure lines of eternal supply and give the best support to everyone everywhere to help defend and secure the equal rights of all humankind to all our spiritual birthright of the transcendent. Don't sell yourself short. You are extremely fortunate to be living alive in these times. Come to meditation, it is so easy. We are all fortunate souls here. We don't need no shitty songs like that CCR playing here to bring us down. Even though the guitar lick is revolution we don't need bummer lyrics like the drug-infested CCR said playing here. Ours is spiritual revival,*

*-Buck *

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    In light of the possible contribution of our country to the civil
    war in Syria, I wanted to take a minute to remind everyone of our
    national anthem. So if you are at home, please stand, face the
    flag, and listen. I thank you, and your country thanks you:

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