Ann, they were puritanical but more importantly, in this karmic context, they 
attempted to force their puritanical beliefs, etc. on the people of India. Any 
use of force I think carries greater karmic impact: what goes around, comes 
around. I'm sure all conquerors attempt to squash the culture of those they 
conquer so the Brits are not the only ones guilty of this. 

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Ann, their karma was to have a puritanical, unhealthy attitude towards 
sexuality and all the misery that such an attitude causes.

But what comes first? Are they puritanical and then squelch the natural and 
healthy sexual natures of the people of India (!) and then become subject to 
the karma of having done that by becoming subject to "a puritanical, unhealthy 
attitude towards sexuality"? This sounds like an endless loop. Help, I'm 

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