Ok, Seraphita, now I think your pulling my leg! Maybe out of lotus position?! 
Anyway, perhaps your curiosity about all this will be enough incentive for you 
to visit the Dome in Skelmersdale and see how people are sitting there. Though 
I have heard they are stricter. Go figure!

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Back in the day, I was notorious for having giggling fits on rounding courses! 
One could always blame it on stress release but, to be honest, I think 
emotional immaturity was the more honest cause in my case!

I'm genuinely surprised more people don't use the lotus posture - it certainly 
looks more impressive to onlookers! - and those (female) followers who liked 
wearing saris (which look fantastic) surely would have wanted to play the role 
of eastern adept to the full just for the fun of it. 

I'm in two minds about the advantages of group meditation. Sometimes the (real 
or imagined) psychic feedback from the other participants can be energising 
but, on the other hand, I feel very self-conscious about every yawn, cough or 
fidgeting I am subject to irritating others in the room.

As an alternative to sitting in a chair I did once buy a meditation stool - but 
it just made my knees ache! Would you recommend BackJack chairs? Presumably you 
sit crossed-legged on them? 

Are there other types of "meditation furniture" that anyone on FFL would 

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Seraphita, some people sit in chairs. Most of us sit against backjacks on foam. 
I don't see many sitting in lotus. And I don't see anyone looking down on 
anyone else! I definitely prefer doing TMSP in a group rather than alone. 
Subjectively TMSP feels deeper when I practice in a group. And I do believe 
that I contribute more to the coherence when I practice TMSP with others. As 
regards your other post, giggling does happen, especially when there are new 
sidhas in the group. That's always fun (-:


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