You idiot - have you ever considered taking a course in reading comprehension? 

My point is not about Indians on skins, but about men who claim to be 
enlightened or close to it having to fret about the vibes in the chair they 
want to sit on. If they are enlightened by Marshy's definition, where they are 
in sync with all the laws of nature, then the energy of their enlightened asses 
should purify any and all vibes they come into contact with. 

One of my early disconnects with the Movement was the same kind of thing TM is 
'posed to make you strong but with all the do's and don'ts that got pasted onto 
the practice - don't meditate in the bed you sleep in, don't meditate with 
animals in the room, don't meditate with your hair wet - plus the actual 
Movement sanctioned crap like be sure to hide under your desk when there is a 
full eclipse of the sun, never mediate in a south facing building and so forth, 
you would think TM made you the weakest person in the world.

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Michael Jackson:
> ...the skin boy idea is ludicrous but not surprising, 
> I mean if a man is a yogi, a realized master what the 
> heck does he have to worry about what kind of vibe 
> exists where he is sitting?
Addressing the important issues!

Your comments on Indians sitting on skins is probably 
just a prejudice against Hindus, not surprisingly.

Sitting on skins originated with the ancient shamans 
of Siberia and later the habit was imported into 
Northern India by the Sanskrit speaking Aryans. It's a 
custom at least 10,000 years old. 

And it makes perfect sense - when you're sitting around 
together it's natural to sit on a skin or two, or on a 
leather horse saddle. Remember, oriental carpets weren't 
invented yet.

A skin is really just a blanket for covering or a type 
of insulation when sitting on the ground. There's 
nothing specificaly religious about it - it's just a 
custom of simple country people who don't have fancy
wooden rocking chairs like you big city folk do.  LoL!

Have you ever considered taking a history course at a 
community college?


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