> There is a saying that appears in many, if not most, 
> spiritual trips I've investigated or been part of. 
There's no 'spiritual' trip that I know of that makes 
this claim. In fact, it's the exact opposite of what 
the Zen Master Rama said! 

Go figure.

It's certainly not one of MMY's sayings because MMY
believed in karma - that you are what you are due to
being bound by your past actions. 

All the six systems of Indian philosophy and Buddhism
agree with this.

You can't go back and change the past. If you could 
do that, you'd be a Super Man - you could become God 

> It is, "What you focus on, you become."
You're not even making any sense. If you had free-will 
why would you need to focus on anything? If you were 
free, you could be anything you want to be - you could 
cause change at will.

But, we know this is impossible - you can't leap tall 
building even if you want to, even if you focus on 
doing so for a thousand years. 

All things fall down is the law, without exception;
even Rama fell back down after his levitating event.


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