It'll never happen D., Marshy himself made it an elitist movement for 
millionaires and billionaires.

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 Yeah, a country-club drunk.  Doc, great retort to the TM Raja elite who 
posture on keeping the cost of learning TM above the working class just hoping 
to catch that person who will pay the full upper-class price just because that 
is what Maharishi wanted.  It is time for the Boards of Trustees to get real 
and once again foster a mass movement of meditators.  Go back to a day's 
working wages scale.   Drop that mantra that people will not value it unless 
they pay a lot for it.  The rich people advocating that inside TM have killed 
the movement for meditation.  I can still hear Dimick and Norton saying that 
line to Maharishi sand-bagging the movement.  Those guys killed it and they 
aren't even around meditating in the Domes anymore.  They gone to the mountains 
for themselves.  It is time for change within.  Go back to a day's wage scale 
or a week's.  Git it back to a working scale for the average retail worker 
raising a family.
-Buck in the Dome

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 You sound like a mean drunk.

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Well, what is "at cost?"

TM costs $1500 max per person. The DLF teaches it for free. The scale ranges 
somewhere in between that for most people, and given that I've been doing TM 
for 40 years and been checked dozens of times over the years, I'd say that what 
*I* paid (about $35 in 1973) was certainly worth it.

Is it worth $1500 to the average person? If they practice it for 50 years and 
get checked once per year, that's $30 per checking session. Is that worth it or 

And if they pay half that, than it's $15 per checking session. 


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When I leant TM I was in my "hippy phase", so out of work - ie, dropping out - 
ie, deliberately, consciously, voluntarily out of work. I can't recall now how 
much it cost me but it must have been the equivalent of $30 at the most - along 
with a white handkerchief and some fruit bought from a market stall. It is 
without doubt the best $30 I ever spent and I'm grateful for the TMO to have 
given me that opportunity to learn the technique so cheaply. Apparently, 
Maharishi was afraid that those who learned TM for free or on the cheap would 
not appreciate the value of his teaching and would reason that "free = 
valueless" and give up after a short while. I'm obviously one of the exceptions 
that proves the rule as I'm still meditating today. I wish the Movement still 
offered to teach TM at "cost" to encourage others like myself to take up the 

I think greed - and snobbery - spoilt the original idealism that attracted so 
many to Maharishi's message.

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>>>From what I've read, the Turq must have given
>>>Fred at least $100,000 for various purifications
>>>to get rid of his inner demons. What is really amazing about this is that 
>>>Turq had already given the Marshy thousands of 
>>>dollars, including over $5,000 to learn yogic 
>>>flying. Go figure. 

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