John, it's really not that strange.  A few weeks ago Saturn was aspecting Mars, 
and you know what that does to appearances.  Really, I'm surprised you didn't 
catch that.

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A few weeks ago, I called the technical support staff for ATT and was assisted 
by a young woman who sounded like she came from California.  I asked her where 
she was calling from.  She replied she was calling from Southwest Texas, but 
would not specify the exact city since it was against company policy. 

I told her that she did not have a Texas accent and can't believe that she was 
born and raised in that state.  She started laughing and said other people have 
said the same thing, even among her friends.  So, there you have it--the 
mystery of the day.
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"These places have lured companies and people from more expensive regions, 
notably California and the Northeast, by being not only culturally rich but 
also amenable to building a career, buying a home and, ultimately, raising a 
family in relative comfort...."Austin, Texas - view from Town Lake: 

'Aspirational Cities'
The Daily Beast:,_Texas    

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