Very funny article, one made more poignant by living in France and
the Netherlands, where "Bio" (Organic) foods are found in almost
every supermarket, and at prices not much higher than "lesser"
produce. There are fewer "craze foods," and there are FAR fewer
crazies buying them. Here, you eat to live (and eat *well*); you
don't live to eat.\

Amidst the humor, the author makes some good points. For example,
"Ever notice that you don't meet poor people with special diet needs?"
Similarly, have you ever noticed that people whose spiritual paths
are actually *working* for them don't spend most of their time obses-
sing on their health and what they eat and the esoteric snake oil
healings they *need* to stay healthy? What's wrong with TM that so
many of its followers obsess on these things so consistently?

Posted even though I know from experience that it'll probably take
anywhere from two hours to two days to appear. I suspect Yahoo's
server personnel are drinking too much kombuchka (Japanese for
'I gizzed in your tea').  :-)

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