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> > > But they have to get 'scholarships' in order for the official TMO to
> > > teach them to mediatate. What is wrong with this picture? A sort of
> > > elitist materialistic welfare spirituality.... boggling. I mean I
> > > understand what Mr. Lynch and his Foundation are doing - getting
> > good press, and at the grassroots level, overcomming the obstacle that
> > the organiztion has become to itself. A win-win both for him and the
> > > people who learn. 
> > > 
> > > Strange stuff,
> > > JohnY
> > 
> > 
> > I kind of like the approach. I may change my views later as it
> > unfolds. But it appears to me that it solves a big dilemna. To fund a
> > nice modern center, to pay teachers a reasonable professional salary
> > (100k+, plus retirement, health, rounding etc.), to fund good
> > research, to promote the program professionally, to fund
> > international, aka "product development", it takes lot of money. Much
> > more than students would normally be able to pay. The scholarships
> > solve the problem. The student pays $500 and gets a $2500 scholarship.
> > Or pays $500, gets $1000 in student loans and gets a $1500
> > scholarship. It pays the bills. The TMO and teachers are placed on a
> > professional level. And the students take it way seriously "its a
> > $3000 special course, man!" (And of course its a great way to meet
> > rich chicks.) 
> > 
> > The issue is whether Lynch can raise $8 Billion. A few blockbuster,
> > well reviewed  films, the fund raising influence of a top director
> > (that is, his new status if he has several high grossing critically
> > acclaimed films) could do it. Speilberg could I think. Lynch could
> > evolve to Spielberg status and accomplishment. Or higher. Its
> > feasible. Add Heather Graham and others if their careers took off, a
> > new Mitch Kapor who stays with the program, some Google early
> > employees with lots of stock who get enthralled, throw in an Indian
> > entrepreneur and film star or two, some heavy foundation co-matching
> > of funds -- and its feasible. Maybe not probably, but feasible. And if
> > this Sat yuga thing has any legs, things could change fast.
> If the Foundation sets up the Centers and pays the teachers might work
> . If it's current TMO ...who knows.... 
> JohnY

I have long held that independent teaching organizations should
license various chunks of the knowledge from the TMO, pay fees for the
license, and manage the business side independly of the TMO. 

That then could evolve  to the teaching org(s) putting out RFPS
(Request for Proposals -- the standard way of soliciting bids for a
project or consulting services) and let TMO, AOl(SSRS), Amma,
Ganga-ji, etc. all bid to be license providers for the independent
teaching orgs. That is, the "knowledge" providers (KP) supply trained
teachers. And the KPs are paid a fee per student taught. With some
monthly or annual minumum guaranteed. The teaching org could seek bids
for teachers and facilitators of initial meditation, advance
meditation, residence course teachers, hatha yoga teachers,
jyotishees, AV techs, pundits, etc. 

The teaching orgs would provide all financing, facilites, promotion,
back office, and follow-up.

Then "yoga" could kick ass in America! And Heaven on Earth would
really dawn.

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