Ann, yep, guilty, vain about looking younger than age. Big fat ego too. Very 
bad person, off with my head, etc. (-:

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 I get to see people stunned when I tell them my age.

Oh, vanity!

 And guess what? There was another in that brand line that featured even more 
than 30 billion!

Is more better?

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Share, I think you should eschew the "senior" variety (sounds like dog food) 
and stick with the regular version. For one, thinking of yourself as "senior" 
is not the way to go. And secondly, guts are guts and they all require 
probiotics. I seriously doubt the senior version is much different, when it 
comes to hundreds of millions of "good bacteria" available in one capsule, and 
you are just buying into America's penchant for obsessing on the aging 
population. Viva la revolution!


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