In other traditions like the tantra one I learned the guru would have you stop meditating for a while "if nothing good was happening". I also thought it was crazy that they tested people for the checking notes and puja memorization when rounds were at the high point. If I felt any roughness I just went "through the motions" of rounding. Worked well for me.

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> So during the course nothing substantive was done for
> these folks? I mean beyond telling them to do more
> asanas or something?

Depends on the course. On small ATR courses, no
nothing in particular was really done. On larger
courses, they might have been referred to one of
the resident quacks...uh...I mean doctors.

But it was clear that no real effort was made to
help any of these people who were twitching
uncontrollably or having symptoms that looked
for all the world like Tourette syndrome or
worse, because the prevailing myth was always
"TM is 100% life supporting." No one was willing
to go up against that and add, "...for many
people, but for others, it may cause problems."

Anyone I ever spoke to who was going through this
commented on the "Blame the victim" mentality they
were exposed to. It was always, "What are YOU
doing wrong that this is happening to you? We
all 'know' that it 'shouldn't' be happening."

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