> If Kapor was on an AE course he probably WASN'T on 
> any six month TTC. He probably was on one of those 
> shorter course that were only 3 months and I think 
> there were a few early one's even shorter (like one 
> month).
So, Mitch Kapor took a yoga course in Switzerland with 
the Mahesh Yogi and became a teacher of TM and taught 
TM in Cambridge. 

Then, he invented Lotus 123 and founded the Lotus 
Foundation and became a millionaire. 

Not bad for practicing a few yoga poses and meditating 
a few minutes a day!

> > So, Mitch Kapor signed up for a six month course to be a TM Teacher.
> >
> > Isn't he the guy that invented Lotus 123?
> >
> > I've always wondered what drives some people to do this - why in
> > the world would it take six moths out of someone's life to learn
> > TM and memorize a simple initiation puja?
> >
> > It takes only a few minutes to teach someone how to meditate.
> >
> > Go figure.
> >
> > Wouldn't you have to be somewhat strange to think you could just
> > take off for six months from your family and your job to sit around
> > and meditate in Switzerland?
> >
> > And then, after walking out on the yoga camp, switch over to join
> > a Buddhist cult and get interviewed by Tricycle. Go figure.
> >
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