Richard, I have some friends in Fort Collins who love the Trader Joe's there. 
But the Annapolis Trader Joe's is pretty iffy health food wise IMHO and just 
has a strange vibe. I think they even carry stuff with high fructose corn 
syrup! Our local health food store, Everybody's has great food, especially the 
locally made items. New Pioneer Co-ops in Iowa City and Coralville are also 
good. Hopefully none of these places will get gobbled up by Whole Foods!

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> I often shop at the Annapolis Whole Foods which is 
> about 5 minute drive from my Mom's. 
Yeah, I was really laughing at the interview with the 
comic talking about shopping at Whole Foods because 
hardly anything she said made sense. 

Her routine didn't reflect anything that I've ever 
experienced shopping at a Whole Foods Market. In 
fact, it was downright insulting and not all that funny 
since it made fun of poor people and sick people with
special needs.

We like to shop at Trader Joe's sometimes too.

But I'd say that if you had to ride a bus for hours just 
to get to a health food store and it takes your whole 
paycheck, then maybe it might be a good time to shop 
at Safeway.

Or get a car and a better paying job. LoL!

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