> authfriend:
> > Thank you, Richard, you have provided a perfect demonstration 
> > over the past few days for everyone to see that what I said 
> > about you to Michael: you are a troll and a liar. 
> >

---  "punditster" <punditster@...> wrote:
> If you don't like it, just ignore me like you've been
> doing since 1999. LoL!
> You don't have to respond to every single post here - if 
> you don't live near a Whole Foods just say so. Just cut 
> the crap, Judy, and stop the lying about it.
> And you don't need to put others down just for wanting to 
> eat a few organic oranges at a local health food store. 
> We're not all poor people and I don't spend my 'whole 
> paycheck' at the market - I probably earn more retired
> than you do working all day. Go figure.

Holy mother Ganges!! You must have really offended both of 
them (Barry & Judy).

I wonder what exactly you did, for both of them to shun you.

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