You really told off Share, good work!

I'm glad to see the FFL Help Desk pull together to help each other - it's
almost heartwarming. LoL!

One guy I know, who is a Network Engineer at a local community college,
got Help Desk Duty one day, but he was so rude he got put back on cable
management the next day - the college president sent an email to the IT
director that said:


Share is lucky she had a player with a pin hole on the front - one time
my Pioneer got a disk stuck in it and I had to take the whole top off to
get the disk out. Go figure.

So after that, I bought a Technics five-disc player with a lid on top that
lifts up like a record player dust cover. Sweet!

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Doc and Xeno, thank you! I did it! And guess what the key was? A regular sized paper clip didn't work. I had to get a large paper clip to get the tray to partially open.

Thanks boys. This was obviously an operation fraught with high tech angles and the need for a PhD in engineering. Share couldn't have done it without you. Share, how do you get out of bed in the morning and actually manage to make it to the toilet to take a piss? On top of that, find your toothbrush and figure out how to get toothpaste on the actual bristles? I mean, the list goes on and on for how complex it must be for you just to make it past the first 15 minutes of wakefulness without calling 911.

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Re: stuck DVD

This link has every suggestion I could think of:

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    noozguru or anyone, a dvd is stuck in the dvd player. I called
    Panasonic but they put me on terminal hold. It's a library dvd
    too! Any ideas? thanks

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    I used to call VW buses "bread boxes on wheels". I winced everytime I
    had to ride in one. I had two friends who owned them. I thought they
    were about the most unsafe vehicle on the road given you only had
    a thin
    wall of metal between you and an oncoming. Those who survived
    owing had
    sheer luck. Of course I myself owned Ralph Nader's number one unsafe
    vehicles, a Corvair. Although I only owned it for a few months
    when it
    was stolen and totaled.

    I didn't know that WV still made the bus but they are still being
    in Brazil until the end of December.

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