Judy, I don't know what you're talking about here. I thought the thread was 
about you obsessing on *if true* and ignoring all the great stuff Xeno wrote 
yesterday. What does turq have to do with it?! 

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Barry is lying; everyone who has been following this knows he's lying. He knows 
they know he's lying. Even Share knows he's lying.

Somebody please explain to me what the point is. What does a person get out of 
lying when they know they aren't deceiving anybody? What do they get out of 
advertising that they're a liar, over and over again (six times, so far, in 
this case)? Why would they want to be known as a liar? And a  malicious liar, 
at that?

I've never understood this. What's the payoff?


What you're missing is the delicious irony of all this.
The person who has called more people "Liar!" than 
anyone else in Internet history got peeved that anyone
would even infer such a thing about *her*, and threw
a tantrum. She declared that she would never have any
discussions with the offending person until he either
documented his inference or retracted it. He did 
neither, and in effect *thanked* her in advance for
no longer bothering him with her "discussions."

She went fuckin' CRAZY, first backpedaling to claim
that her statement didn't mean that she couldn't 
"comment" on his posts, and then set forth to make
several posts in which she addressed him directly
and tried to provoke a reply, clearly an attempt at 

In other words, the person who *specializes* in 
calling other people "liars" on this forum PROVED

I'd call that "fun." You, caught up in your Mean
Girl crush on the only person on the forum bitchier
than you, can call it whatever you want. :-)

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