A quote from Maharishi on ritam bhara pragya that I found on Chopra's blog:

‘When awareness is permanently established in Pure Consciousness, 
only the truth will dawn in one’s awareness. This state of consciousness is 
called Ritam-bhara pragya, “that intelligence which knows only the 
 ‘During the practice of the Transcendental Meditation Technique, as 
the awareness goes from the gross thinking level to finer thinking 
levels and then to the Transcendent, the experience of Ritam-bhara 
pragya can occur on the finest thinking level, very close to the 
Transcendent. In this experience one feels “I know everything”. As the 
practice advances the experience of Ritam-bhara pragya becomes 
permanently established. 
  ‘When one’s awareness is established on the level of Ritam-bhara pragya, it 
is possible to produce specific impulses, or sounds, in order to produce any 
desired influence on an object. This level of consciousness has 
control over the whole field of objectivity. By developing this ability 
to produce effects in creation according to one’s desire, one gains 
mastery over Nature.’
 —Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 26 July 1971

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>From the BATGAP forum. The context was world peace. This is a post I made, 
>over there, earlier this evening:

"Kind of funny the way Maharishi used to
talk A LOT about patience, and his analogy of selling pencils to earn money,
one pencil at a time. Burned right through my youthful enthusiasm, and later,
my ego, just long enough to make me realize, that he was expressing a time
frame that operates on its own, leading surely to success.
Helped me get past false expectations for myself, and the world.
Allowed me to stay focused on the goal, which I thought was external for the
longest time, and it *almost* is: Ritam Bhara Pragya.
When I first heard about
"Ritam", in the 1980's, it was in the context of immediate benefit,
expression of the sidhis. Now I find out, backwards, that it is the state of
mind, where the rhythm of the mind matches the rhythm of the universe. I found
out backwards, because I was thinking about how to finish the sentence in
paragraph two, and 'Ritam Bhara Pragya' came in, so I googled it, and found out
it was exactly what I was trying to express.
So, that's how stuff happens now.
Further unfolding of the TMSP - full access to mind, matter, and everything in
between. An expansion of living Brahman, where the difference between inside
and out, practically disappears, this is another union, between an enlightened
mind (intellect and heart in Yoga), and manifestation, or not, in the manifest
world, the physical world.
The deepest and most powerful impulses
of creation make themselves known, not in any dramatic fashion, but in a way
that is natural, and approachable, making as much sense as those more obvious
laws in what I will call the most obvious world.
Finally, such experience is incredibly
useful! An entire landscape, conforming to Maharishi's expression, "do
less, and accomplish more", opens up. A very different, yet deeply
satisfying way of functioning, where any point in time or space, ranging from
nanoseconds, to cosmic eons, is available. No gaps.
Certainly, for
myself, I am rarely greatly concerned about my well being. However, every human
desires world peace, and I will always wait, and work, for that."

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