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> > > Hmmm. Must've missed that part. It DID say that yogic flying 
> was an 
> > obstacle
> > > of Cosmic Consciousness (Skt.: turiyatita).
> > 
> > Where exactly did it say that?

> The Yoga Sutras say (somewhere) that powers are an "obstacle" 
> to Samadhi. I heard that MMY comment that the translation was 
> simply bad. Since the experience of Samadhi is the very basis of 
> the siddhis, how can they be an obstacle to Samadhi?


The Siddhis may be an obstacle to enlightenment for the same reason 
that wealth may be an obstacle (really, the word distraction is a 
better fit than obstacle) to enlightenment ("it is harder for a rich 
man to enter the kingdom of heaven within than for a camel to enter 
the eye of a needle," and so on). Rich people have all sorts of 
options in the material world to distract them from enjoying the only 
real durable bliss, that bliss of consciousness found through sitting 
down quietly and diving inside with TM. Similarly, if people could 
immediately fly upon doing the sutra, they might spend all their time 
traveling throughout the universe, and not spend time in TM. 

However, people's nervous systems in the Kaliyuga are so twisted, and 
consequently, the atmosphere is so poisoned now that it will not be 
permit people to be happy, so TM's yogic flyers (who are only found 
hopping after 30 years of practice) only experience a boost in 
purification of the nervous system which supports the growth of 
enlightenment instead of running the risk of Siddhas going off on some 
on some side track for a lark, and missing the best fun of all, living 
full awareness.

Bob Brigante

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